Happy Birthday Card for a Jackalope Fan

Word's out: Tomorrow, Jackalope Ranch is turning one year old, which means a birthday card for any fan of the mythological creature is in order. The hot pink jackalope had to be used, of course, and it seemed only fitting to go out with a stencil.

Learn how to make a stenciled jackalope card after the jump.

-- White Card Stock
-- Jackalopes printed out from the computer (to be used as stencils)
-- Craft Knife
-- Self Healing Cutting Mat
-- Hot Pink Spray Paint
-- Hot Pink and Bright Green Masking Tape
-- Birthday Candle

1. Cut Cardstock to 8.5-by-5.5 inches and fold in half to 4.25-by-5.5 inches.
2. Design or find a jackalope and print it out from the computer

3. Cut the jackalope shape out using a craft knife, this will create a stencil

4. Lay jackalope stencil on top of the card stock it the place you want the image to appear

5. Spray paint inside of cut opening. Allow to dry.

6. Lay out pink and green masking tape on a self healing cutting mat

7. Using a craft knife, cut the tape into the shape of grass
8. Lay the pink and green grass down at the bottom of the jackalope

9. Using a skinny piece of pink tape to attach a birthday candle

10. And your jackalope fan is ready for a celebration!

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