Hard Goods: Designs and Concrete Goods by Local Artists in Uptown Phoenix

To the glee of Phoenix design fans and concrete fiends, local artisan Brandon Gore opened up the doors of Hard Goods this weekend.

The shop, located next door to Windsor and Churn on Central Avenue is now home to concrete goods by Gore, limited-edition prints by local designers, eye wear, wooden bow ties, and items that are sure to satisfy your gift list (even if that includes a few gifts for yourself).

Check out what we'd like to take home, what's on our wishlist, and why we'd go back after the jump.

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Gore told Jackalope Ranch in November that he needed a venue to get his products in front of customers as well as a "space to offer additional well-designed, hand-crafted products from other companies."

What we're taking home: - Wild Man Beard Conditioner $12 -- perfect for the bearded guy on our list. Added bonus: Gore says it'll also save our pillow case. - Concrete Coasters by Brandon Boetto $39 for 4 -- nothing like a fashionable, durable way to spare our artisan table tops from water marks. - "Not Kids" Concrete Blocks $5 each, $55 for 27 -- desktop blocks for the architect, engineer, or idle-mind. - Wooden Bowtie $55 -- nice spin on the classic accessory. What's on our wishlist:

- Schwood Wood Sunglasses $135 to $185 -- it's still sunny in December, which means we'll have more than one solid excuse to don our handcrafted frames with Carl Zeiss lenses imported from Italy. - Concrete Hanging Garden $40 for one, $60 for two -- These concrete plants screw into a wall to create a unique wall statement ... and somewhere to hang our scarves. - Limited-Edition Prints by Jon Arvizu $245 -- There's nothing like the feeling of adding to your local art collection and Arvizu's prints tell a much better story than that faux canvas thing you're considering at IKEA.

Why we're headed back: Gore says the store's hours haven't been determined, but that they'll definitely be open on weeknights and weekends (keep an eye on the HardGoods blog for more info). And when he opens the door again, we're headed back to sit in this vintage, authentic Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman in rosewood ($3200). Hey, a girl can dream.

Hard Goods is at 5215 N. Central Ave.. Check out Hard Good's latest on the Hard Goods website, read about Gore's projects and artisan concrete news in his publication, Concrete Cartel.

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Claire Lawton
Contact: Claire Lawton