Hardware, Seriously Restyled.

Do you kow of a leftover hardware drawer, full of parts and pieces?

Dig in! Those abandoned washers and such can turn into a super stylish piece of neck wear like the piece above we created while inspired by the DIY projects created over at P.S. I Made This.

Learn how to make this "left over" hardware necklace after the jump.

Hardware Washers
Spray Paint
E-6000 Glue
Scrap paper
Sewing Machine and Thread

1. Open a drawer of unused hard wear and start picking through it to find washers of different sizes.

2. Lay out the washers and make sure you have a good assortment.

3. Spread out scrap paper out side and select your spray paint colors. Lay down the washers and apply even coats of spray paint (could be up to four coats, depending on opacity). Let dry.

4. Next, arrange your washers into the general shape and design of the lower part of the necklace.

5. Use E-6000 to glue each of the washers together, overlapping you wish.
6. Leave glue to "set up" overnight
7. Grab the ribbon you would like to use as the top part of the necklace and loop it through the hole of the top most washer, on both sides.

8. Sew the loops closed on both sides - there you have it a fabulous necklace ready to wear.

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