Harmonic Convergence

Don’t you just love watching children cry when they didn’t get absolutely everything they wanted for Christmas? If there’s one kernel of knowledge worth taking away from this painfully gluttonous holiday season, it’s that you can’t please everyone. For some reason, the people behind the weekly Embargo Wednesday refuse to believe this adage. They feel that the “division [of different music scenes] is illusion” and that mixing any -- and seemingly every -- genre together will bring unity to previously segregated groups of people. Given the immediate success of this underground massive, they may be right. With live bands such as Dust Jacket and TrEmUlaNtS, plus killer DJs (including resident, and undefeated, DMC champion DJ Astonish), Embargo is a party to which everyone’s invited.
Wednesdays, 10 p.m., 2007
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Adriane Goetz