Hart Attack

Comedians don’t really tell jokes these days. What’s popular now, apparently, is getting the audience going with funny tales from your own life. To be a good comedian today, you don’t actually have to be funny at all. You just have to be a good storyteller — and there are some who have great material to work with.

Kevin Hart has made a career off telling people about his life, because life for the shortstack star of Think Like a Man is pretty hilarious. Would you like to hear him tell the one about the time he caught his girlfriend hiding in the trunk of his car and chased her home to find her cooking dinner like everything was totally fine? Or how about the time he took Ecstasy, became convinced he was a drug dealer, and tried to bang a beanbag chair? Yeah, we thought you would.

Sat., Nov. 3, 7 p.m., 2012
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Zach Fowle
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