Have $1 Million? Reserve a Vacation in Space

For those who really want to get away, Orbital Technologies has great news.

The Private Russian company and lead contractor for the Federal Space Agency of the Russian Federation have teamed up to create a commercial space station for research and tourism purposes slated to be built, shot into space, and opened in "the near future."

It'll just cost you about $1 million to stay.

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According to Orbital Technologies, the space station/hotel will orbit about 217 miles above the Earth's surface. The space is equipped for short and long guest stays ranging from three days to six months and also will serve as an emergency hub for astronauts working in the International Space Station.

Included in the stay are "extra-vehicular activities" and "customized human spaceflight missions."

Orbital Technologies estimates that it will cost the average tourist $800,000 to get to the hotel and around $160,000 for accommodations.

Start saving your pocket change, space fiends.

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