Caught up in a flurry of worry? It's high time to simmer down: new year, new attitude. We know that emotional, mental and spiritual health affect physical well-being, yet we allow bottled anger, self-esteem issues, stress and anxiety to take their toll on our bodies and brains. But this year -- with some alternative-style assistance from some in-touch, in-tune people -- we'll be victims to our neuroses no longer. All we are saying is, give inner peace a chance.

CLEARING THE AIR: Got a cluttered spirit? Joseph Bortniak will clear it. Through Journey With Joseph, he offers a "Spiritual Empowerment Class" from 10 to 11 a.m. every Saturday ($10 suggested donation) in central Phoenix. The informal gatherings and "healing circles" allow participants to share spiritual insights and work toward empowerment, i.e., "clear and accurate awareness of your true self and Truth Itself."

"I basically provide a safe and sacred place for people to experience their true and divine self on all levels -- physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually," Bortniak explains. "I use my abilities as a channel, medium, energy worker and psychic to provide insights." (Fun fact: Bortniak also works as a pet psychic.) LET¹S GET METAPHYSICAL: The Astrology Store in Glendale is your one-stop shop for psychic, tarot and medium services. Readings, aura photos and astrology reports are available daily, and the store's resident astrologers/mediums/hypnotherapists are available to lead hypnotherapy sessions and past-life regressions. The cosmic calendar includes events such as Pet Aura Day and Crossing Over Night, while classes cover topics from "Sex and Astrology" to Draconic heliocentric charts.

CHANGE CHANNELS: Talk about multitasking. Reverend Sharonjean is an ordained minister of the Church of the Madonna, a reiki master, certified spiritual counselor, clairvoyant and medium, and is licensed with the American Board of Hypnotherapy in California. Through Angel Harmony -- "A Spiritual Company in the Company of Angels" in Glendale -- she offers medium/clairvoyant sessions and reiki therapy ($50 for 45 minutes). Based on the principle of "universal life force energy," reiki facilitates physical, emotional and spiritual healing through a series of hand placements.

Jay Shumsky's Total Body Awakening (Phoenix), "A Unique Holistic Health Practice," specializes in spiritual inspiration, body work, breath work, nutritional counseling, herbal remedies, jin shin jyutsu, muscular manipulation, massage therapy and water therapies. Looking for a less intensive introduction to your spiritual side? Wednesday-evening yoga classes ($10) integrate holistic approaches and a "no judgment" philosophy.

STICKING POINT: Making the best of pricky situations, the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture student clinic welcomes the public for acupuncture sessions and herbal consultations ($45 for an initial visit, $35 for subsequent visits), as well as for brown-bag lunch lectures and classes such as "Acupressure: Healing Without the Needles." Imparting the benefits of acupuncture to the needle-phobic, the six-hour course ($75) includes hands-on practice in alleviating ailments through the power of touch.

HANDS-ON THERAPY: The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale rubs folks the right way with another hands-on course, "Massage 101" ($185 for 50 minutes, $245 for 80 minutes). "Couples learn professional techniques for home use while receiving massage from our professional therapist and his/her partner," explains Nikki Lequin, the resort's director of public relations.

THE GRAND TOUR: If the many options for sorting out your head serve only to boggle your mind, get the equivalent of a New Age "greatest hits" treatment at Phoenix's Peace House, "a nonprofit center of serenity and spirituality dedicated to world peace and harmony." Reverend Debbi Brown's transformational healing sessions ($75 for 90 to 120 minutes) combine reiki touch therapy, energy balancing, aromatherapy, guided imagery, soul level healing, crystal bowls, angelic intuitive readings and aromatherapy. Also available: Angelic intuitive readings ($50 for one hour) provide direction on one's "life path and soul purpose" and can facilitate communication with the deceased.

Angel Harmony
Medium/clairvoyant services and reiki healing

Arizona Institute of Reflexology & Clinic
1530 North Country Club, Suite 11, Mesa
Student clinic open to the public ($25 per 45-minute session)

The Astrology Store
5405 West Glendale Avenue, Glendale
A metaphysical marketplace: books, gifts and classes, plus psychic, tarot and medium services.

Harmony Within
4130 North Goldwater Boulevard, Suite 200,
"A store filled with peaceful energy" and holistic lifestyle products: aromatherapy and essential oils, incense, candles, herbs and chimes, plus angel, fairie and color therapy merchandise.

Jay Shumsky¹s Total Body Awakening
45 West Medlock,
"Transformational Bodywork" and weekly yoga classes

Journey With Joseph
1215 East Missouri, Suite A
Workshops and "Spiritual Empowerment Classes"

Peace House
4601 East Monte Vista
Services such as reiki touch therapy, angelic intuitive readings and hypnosis

The Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture
301 East Bethany Home, Suite A-100
Discount-rate acupuncture sessions, herbal consultations and classes

The Spa at
Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale
10600 East Crescent Moon Drive,
"Massage 101" as well as treatments based on Ayurveda, the "science of life and longevity"

An online listing of Valley hypnotherapists

A local resource for New Age practitioners and products

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