Heads Will Roll

Sat 6/26
They're fast, they're tough, they're sexy as hell. And they hold grudges. For a really long time. By now you've heard of the Arizona Roller Derby and the infamous rivalry between the two teams that started it all: the Smash Squad and the Bruisers. On Saturday, June 26, the two face off in the final grudge match of the first season at Surfside Skateland, 1625 East Weber in Tempe. With both teams revved up and ready for action, only a few things are certain: Fists will fly, shit will be talked, someone will probably get a spanking. Whether you love the empowering attitude of the derby, or you're one of those freaks who goes to see hot girls fight in short skirts, this is one match you won't want to miss.

Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door. Doors open at 7 p.m. Call 480-968-9600 or check out --Megan Irwin

Who's Got Big Balls?

A festival of sports

Insecure hecklers who feel their talents are wasted on pro athletes have a reason for being this weekend: the Firecracker Sports Festival and Softball Tournament, Friday, June 25, through Sunday, June 27, at the Rose Mofford Sports Complex, 9833 North 28th Avenue. More than 100 teams will compete. Call 602-262-4727. --Joe Watson

The Buck Started Here

Cowboys and 'girls up at the World's Oldest Rodeo

The folks in Prescott don't buck tradition -- they ride it long and hard, just like the cowboys and 'girls competing in the World's Oldest Rodeo (first held in 1888), this Wednesday, June 30, through July 5, at the Prescott Rodeo Grounds, 838 Rodeo Drive. Call 1-800-358-1888 or see --Joe Watson

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