Heart Attack

Scott Sanders, owner of the Paper Heart Gallery, has his own method of bitch-slapping culture-deprived Valley residents. This time it's with "Haz Mat," the Heart's latest installment of experimental music, theater and video art. The two-night gig, which promises to open your mind -- and then screw with it -- premi'red at Alice Cooper'stown in Phoenix earlier this year. While patrons seemed to dig it, Sanders says the eye-opening acts didn't quite mesh with the venue's higher-ups (Alice Cooper not included). So "Haz Mat" will remain in-house from now on, says Sanders, adding that the show is "something out of the norm you don't get to experience on a regular basis."

Performers include local art entrepreneur Leslie Barton, theatrical rock group Autopsy Report, and experimental theater performers Jeff Falk, Peter Petrisko and Scott Hopkins. Video artists Steve Weiss and Steve Gompf, along with L.A.-based artist Bob Bellerue, also share the billing.

Sanders warns that not every performance will appeal to every person, but the show is worth checking out, if only to broaden one's horizons. "If you don't like one thing, the next thing that comes along you'll probably enjoy," he says.

"Haz Mat" invades the Paper Heart, 750 Grand Avenue, at 8 p.m. Friday, June 25, and Saturday, June 26. Admission is $8. Visit www.thepaperheart.com. --Ashlea Deahl

Toe Jam

'Screws lose the shoes

Thu 6/24
Asking someone to walk barefoot in June should be a felony. But we'll grant the Phoenix Corkscrews a reprieve on Thursday, June 24, when they host "A Taste of Summer" at Sozzle Grille, 6990 East Shea in Scottsdale. The Corkscrews bring together Washington state's Hogue Cellars wine with Sozzle's menu of spiced grapes, ceviche, bruschetta and steak tartare, all under Sozzle's white sand-covered patio, where guests are encouraged to kick off their shoes. Don't think your little piggies can stand the heat? Don't fear -- Hogue will hand out free flip-flops.

The event starts at 6:30 p.m. and lasts until 8:30. Admission is $30 at the door. See www.phoenix corkscrews.com for more information. --Joe Watson

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Joe Watson