Heidi Abrahamson's 5 Jewelry-Making Essentials

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Echo and the Bunnymen, Pet Shop Boys, and occasionally The Smiths are some of the artists Abrahamson says get her through the making of her contemporary Midcentury Modern-inspired wearable art.

Abrahamson says she's been working with mismatched metals recently, combining bronze, brass, gold, or silver in one piece and sometimes using a metal in place of a gem stone. Her pieces are not for those hoping for minimalistic jewelry. Abrahamson's are statement pieces and literally wearable pieces of art like a ring with a slender silver cylinder that stretches across three fingers at an angle or a smoothed brass-and-sterling-silver cuff with a floating silver dome near the top.

As she's speaking about her work, her phone lights up, showing a notification from Instagram. Her phone has become her main tool for connecting with customers, allowing her to communicate with her 13,000 followers on Pinterest, over a thousand followers on Instagram, and her Facebook fans. But not too much.

Abrahamson says she likes Pinterest and Instagram best because she can just take a photo on her phone and post it. Those social media platforms don't require as much interaction as Facebook does.

"I'm becoming quite a misanthrope," Abrahamson says with a chuckle.

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