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Help-Portrait: Local Photographers to Donate Family Portrait Sessions in December

On December 8, photographers around the world will gather to create free portraits for families in need.

Help-portrait is described by its organizers as "a movement among photographers across the globe, taking portraits of people that aren't able to afford traditional avenues of family portraiture."

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And in Phoenix, local photographers from the Photographer's Adventure Club have gathered (along with donated and rented printers and printing supplies) to put on a "Help-Portrait" event for the community.

Help-portrait was founded by celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart, and is an online community of photographers who use their skills to help their communities. The annual event takes place on the second Saturday of every December, and while Cowart says the annual event is the organization's "anchor event," Help-portrait aims to " inspire photographers to use their skill, time and expertise to give back ... no matter when, no matter where."

The pictures aren't for the photographers' portfolios, websites, or onlines stores. From 10 a.m. until supplies run out at the 1st Congregational Church of Tempe at 101 E. Sixth St., no money will be exchanged. According to Cowart, Help-portrait "is about GIVING the pictures, not taking them."

Help-portrait is still accepting tax-deductible donations, looking for volunteers, and encouraging local photographers to participate. For more information, visit the Phoenix Help-portrait Facebook page.

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