Here's the 80-Artist Lineup for "Chaos Theory 17" in Downtown Phoenix

Phoenix artist Randy Slack has announced the lineup for "Chaos Theory 17," the latest iteration of his annual invitational exhibition held at the 7,000-square-foot Legend City Studios in downtown Phoenix.

It starts at 6 p.m. on First Friday, October 7, and runs through 2 a.m. the following morning. In addition to the art, gallery-goers can enjoy live music performed by Glob, Gene Trip, Sunn Trio, and Bear State. 

"I almost didn't do it this year," Slack says. It's a ton of work, and Slack says he sometimes wonders whether it's worth all the grief. But in the end, he decided to give it a go. And now, the 2017 show could shape up to be his largest "Chaos Theory" exhibition yet.

Slack invited 80 artists, the largest number in the exhibition’s history, to participate.

Here’s the complete lineup:

Randy Slack, Brandon Sullivan, Jon Balinkie, James Angel, David Dauncey, Pete Diese, Annie Lopez, Cindy Dach, Hector Ruiz, Lori Fenn, Mayme Kratz, Gennaro Garcia, Carolyn Lavender, Brent Bond, Molten Brothers, Greg Esser, Tara Logsdon, Brian Boner, Rick Toerne, Jeff Falk, Shauna Thibault, Michael Carson, Rachel Bess, Brooke Grucella, Josh Rhodes, Henry Schoebel, Abbey Messmer, Steven Hofberger, Larry Willis, William Legoullon, Lisa Olson, Jesse Reiser, Steve Gompf, Ruben Gonzales, Case Beer, Judith Dauncey, Emmett Potter, Mike Prepsky, Danielle Hacche, Kendra Sollars, Bill Dambrova, Yai, Frank Gonzales, Mykil Zep, Carrie Marill, Kristin Bauer, John Randall Nelson, Yuko Yabuki, Christina Ramirez, Andy Brown, Lauren Strohacker, Colton Brock, Ben Willis, Sergio Aguirre, Breeze Marcus, JB Snyder, Alexandra Bowers, Fortoul Brothers, Ashley Macias, Larry Madrigal, Jehu, Lisa Von Hoffner, Wayne Rainey, Forrest Solis, Matthew Jon Arnold, Travis Ivey, Timothy Chapman, Richard Kimbrough, Matt Dickson, Turner G. Davis, Jacob Meders, Travis Rice, Ellen Wagener, Joe Willie Smith, Mitch Phillips, Luster Kaboom, Daniel Funkhouser, Kaori Takamura, Sara Abbott, and Matt Priebe.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.