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Here's the Best Art We Saw in Metro Phoenix During December 2016

Local artists delivered some real delights during December exhibitions in metro Phoenix. Cydnei Mallory explored stereotypes using hairnets. Bill Dambrova paired his bold paintings with giggle-inducing titles. And Jeff Slim launched a new photographic journey.  Here's a look at 10 of the best works we spotted during December, from artists working both in and beyond metro Phoenix.

Portrait of the Artist as a Delicate Flower
Bill Dambrova

For his “Resilient Bodies” exhibition at Chartreuse gallery, located in the Bragg’s Pie Factory building that also houses his Goat Heart Studio, Dambrova presented this and other works that “playfully ponder the balance of the delicate and the resilient within the biological systems of humans, animals, and plants.”

Unraveled Pink Secret
Sonja Kelliher-Combs

Raised in the northern Alaska community of Nome, Kelliher-Combs explores the “ongoing struggle for self-definition and identity in the Alaskan context” through mixed-media paintings and sculptures that incorporate both shared iconography and personal imagery. This work (intaglio, chine collé, wax, thread, and human hair) is featured in the "(Map)ing" exhibition that continues through May 20, 2017 at the ASU Art Museum.

Without Colors
Jeff Slim

Best known for colorful paintings and murals that explore the intersection of his own Navajo heritage with contemporary culture, Slim has recently embraced black and white photography. By painting his characteristic white lines onto human bodies, then photographing the figures, he creates works with an abstract feel that convey the energy of his Native people. These photographs are part of the “Third World Beings: A Prelude to Bilá Ashdlá” exhibit that continues through February 16, 2017 at the Appaloosa Library in Scottsdale.

Maricopa tap water
Geoffrey Bohm

For a recent solo exhibition “Trotting Through the Glue Factory” at the Hive, this Phoenix native presented several works exploring struggles that transpire on both a personal level and within societies and systems, prompting reflection on elements of the human landscape that are simultaneously beautiful and strange. This 2016 work is an acrylic painting on found canvas.

David Oklahoma

One of several artists featured in Tilt gallery's December exhibition titled “Who’s in the House,” Oklahoma creates large-scale paintings, often using printmaking tools such as ink and brayers. For this piece, and others, he layered colors before scraping parts away to create textural elements.

Read on for more great Phoenix-area artworks.
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