Here's Why Being Single on Valentine's Day Is Awesome
Benjamin Leatherman

Here's Why Being Single on Valentine's Day Is Awesome

"Brace yourself, Valentine's Day is coming."

All right, Ned Stark never said that, but for some it's way more concerning than winter. A lot of single folks are disappointed to spend February 14 alone (or with friends), but it's really nowhere near as bad as it's made out to be.

Here are nine reasons it's actually awesome to be single on Valentine's Day.

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9. You don't have to freak out over gifts.

Buying gifts for your significant other can be a daunting task. If you pick the wrong present, you're potentially putting your entire relationship at risk. That's a lot of pressure, particularly since it's not like Christmas where the gifts are given in a "joy for all" spirit. Valentine's Day gifts are cutthroat, they're directly related to your romance, and you can save yourself all of that hassle by just not having anyone to buy gifts for.

8. You don't have to pretend to like any gifts.

No one buys Russell Stover for themselves. The only way Russell Stover stays in business is by relying on people who need to get chocolate from Walgreens. It's the official brand of last-minute boyfriends and husbands everywhere. Instead of getting stuck with that cardboard heart filled with toothpaste-flavored truffles on top of your refrigerator for the next three months, why not go out and buy something you actually like?

7. There's no post-Valentine's Day hangover.

While your friends in (allegedly) happy relationships will be spending the second half or February reeling from the money, stress, and calories spent on Valentine's Day, you'll merely be shaking off another Saturday night. Even if Valentine's Day goes perfectly (which it won't, for most couples), there'll still be the inevitable let down after they stop being nice and getting each other gifts every day. Valentine's Day is like the weekend of your relationship, which makes the next bunch of days following it like one giant Monday.

6. Having a date just for Valentine's Day looks stupid.

Once you get over the fact that Hallmark believes you should have a romantic interest with whom to spend Valentine's Day, you'll realize just how dumb having a "valentine" really is. It's one thing to spend the holiday with someone who you've already been seeing for a while, but nothing looks more artificial or desperate than getting together with someone just for the day. On a related note, if you're going out with a friend for Valentine's Day, then go out as friends. Don't risk an entire friendship for one day of not feeling like a loner.

5. Everyone out is presumably single.

Assuming you don't live under a rock, you've probably heard about "Singles Awareness Day" celebrations happening at various bars and restaurants. While some people (presumably in relationships) may tell you that the only reason places do Singles Awareness Day events is to make single people hate Valentine's Day less, the truth is that they wouldn't host them if no one went. Considering that this is now an annual event at many social gathering spots, we tend to believe a good amount of people go to them. Particularly when Valentine's Day falls on a Friday or Saturday, it could be a particularly good time to meet a (possibly desperate) prospective partner at the local watering hole.

4. Your paychecks remain intact.

As if the crowds and planning weren't enough, Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that can burn a hole in your wallet overnight. Gifts, flowers, chocolates, $300 dinners, the whole thing is just one lost financial investment after another in the name of romance. Instead of blowing an entire week's pay on someone who you'll probably end up splitting with down the line, buy some stuff for the person who's most important, yourself. Realistically, you're going to appreciate anything you buy more than anyone else will.

Here's Why Being Single on Valentine's Day Is Awesome

3. You can laugh at your "coupled" (but not really) friends.

Everyone has that one friend (or a few friends) who thinks they're in a relationship far more serious than they really are. You know, the one who only sees their "partner" a few days a week (usually for lunch dates on Wednesdays) but are positive they're the only one? Just wait until their significant other "has to work" on Valentine's Day, so they have to go out on the day before or the day after. Depending on how good of a friend you are, maybe you just laugh behind their back, or maybe you tell them it's called "National Side Piece Day" for a reason.

You know the bars are going to be packed with single people looking for valentines of their own, so look way out of your league and shoot for the stars.
You know the bars are going to be packed with single people looking for valentines of their own, so look way out of your league and shoot for the stars.

2. There are no expectations.

Valentine's Day takes a lot of work if you're with someone. From the gifts to the grooming, the chatter to the chardonnay, you and your partner probably put a lot of work into making sure that everything is perfect for as close to 24 full hours as possible. When you're single, no one cares if you get drunk on whiskey in your pajamas while running a Netflix marathon of Gossip Girl or Dragon Ball Z. It's a very "you do you" kind of day when you don't have to worry about anyone else.

1. You're awesome all on your own.

C'mon. You already know that you don't need anyone on Valentine's Day. One day out of the year isn't going to fix every relationship problem you've ever had, so just remember how much your last relationship sucked and how much better off you are on your own. Maybe next year, you'll have Mr. or Mrs. Right. For now, just keep doing your thing and don't let your coupled up friends drag you into their misery on Valentine's Day or any other day.

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