HGTV's "Scoring the Deal" Star Jason Abrams Talks About His New Show and What's on His Reading List

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Abrams lives and breathes real estate. He started over 10 years ago in Michigan, where he experienced moderate success. But moderation isn't a word generally used in Abrams' world. He eventually came to see his home state as a non-dynamic real estate market, in that even in the best of times, it was appreciating slowly.

That belief, coupled with the current boom that was going on in the Arizona market, created a desire for Abrams and his team to make the move and be a part of what they were sure would be massive success.

"We thought there was going to be this huge migration of people as they retired from cold-weather climates to warm-weather climates," says Abrams. "It was after we got there (Arizona), and the economy collapsed, that we realized people were not going to retire, because nobody could afford to do it anymore. And all of the sudden we were in the epicenter of foreclosures. So the reason that I moved there, didn't necessarily pan out."

Despite that fact, Abrams enjoyed his time in Arizona. And although he maintained a level of success that many real estate agents would have been envious of even through the crash, he felt the need to branch out. Abrams refused to let the market collapse determine his success, and a previous deal his team had secured in years past had fostered a vision of what was to come.

The Abrams Team had received a referral from an agent in Florida who was representing a soon-to-be Miami Dolphin, until the Detroit Lions jumped in and snatched him away. The agent called Abrams and asked his team to take care of him in his home-buying endeavors in Michigan, and they obliged.

"We sold him a home, earned a pretty nice commission check, and everything was great," says Abrams. "After that we flew out to his financial advisers and agents to say thank you for the opportunity. We were so young and excited -- it was like our first business trip."

That "thank you" is where Abrams traces his company's success.

"Saying thank you really worked," says Abrams. "They still send us referrals today. We grew and scaled the business along with the league, and now we're the largest in our space. So I can trace our whole success back to one thank you."

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