HGTV's "Scoring the Deal" Star Jason Abrams Talks About His New Show and What's on His Reading List

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Abrams says he became intrigued with the athlete-relocation market due to his insistence on never being tied to one specific, geographic location. He says he also felt a calling to help athletes avoid going broke, after reading a startling statistic regarding the number of NFL players that file bankruptcy after they retire from professional sports. (According to "Sports Illustrated," 78 percent of NFL players and 60 percent of NBA players file for bankruptcy within five years of retirement)

"The statistic blew me away," says Abrams. "If you internalize that figure and you think about it, we're talking about our modern-day gladiators, and this is what happens to them? Only 22 percent of them don't file bankruptcy? It's outrageous."

Abrams says his company's mission is to change that statistic. He believes the best way to go about doing so is through financial education and responsible financial stewardship, which he believes starts with your home.

Abrams says that they won't sell an athlete a home in their first year in the league, whether the player is a first-pick in the draft or an undrafted free agent.

"If you want to buy something, you've got to go find someone else to sell it to you," says Abrams. "You're going from a dorm room into what? Buying a multi-million dollar home and then trying to fill it with beautiful things, and oh by the way, learning how to compete in the most competitive league known to mankind? Doesn't make any sense to me."

Instead, Abram says, they put new athletes in full-furnished rentals, where all they have to do is bring their suitcase and their playbook. All Abrams wants his clients to do is worry about football-at least for the first year or two.

Abrams hopes that viewers who watch his show are ultimately entertained, because he says they've worked really hard to make it entertaining. But more importantly, he hopes they will see a much deeper side in their favorite players than perhaps they had seen previously watching the games on Sundays. Lastly, Abrams hopes that he's inspiring future clients.

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