High Jinks

First, February's Phoenix Idiotarod saw themed shopping carts tearing through downtown. Then, last month's Brides of March extravaganza let loose bridezillas (both male and female) on a rampage. Now, there’s Fluor-Ascent, an illuminated nighttime hike up Piestewa Peak that will let folks get their shine on.

For all of these killer shindigs, we can thank the good folks of AZ Cacophony, who are keeping the fun lovers of the Valley on their toes by making scenes in public. The local branch of the San Francisco-born Cacophony Society endeavors to stir up merry mischief around town, communicating to the masses primarily through its Web site and e-mail list. Those who opt in can be assured of the company of fellow joy seekers who are game for shenanigans.

For the second year of Fluor-Ascent, the directive states "grab your headlamps, string lights, glow sticks, flashlights, strobelights, lasers, laser cats, laser sharks, black lights, LEDs, el wire, or cell phone lights if you got ’em." The hike itself will be more than a mile and last about two hours, so rock some comfy kicks and keep hydrated.

Sat., April 11, 7 p.m., 2009
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Jose Gonzalez