"Hipster or Homeless" Makes Judging Others a Game

Chances are good that, at some point, we've all wondered, "Is that person homeless or a douchebag?" It's a fine line, folks -- and the lack of jobs, prevalence of mismatched flannel, and the cans of cheap beer are not helping make the distinction.

Now, a website is making light of a situation trendy urbanites encounter on the regular.

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Hipsterorhomeless.com is website that allows visitors to upload, comment, and vote on images of disheveled, kinda-grungy strangers. Boy, does it make us feel more sorry for the homeless and not so sympathetic toward their indie impersonators.

While votes on hispterorhomeless.com are never truly validated (unless you count tallying up the votes of other viewers), you can safely assume that 99.9 percent of your assessments are correct. Why? Because while hipsters may carry a haggard appearance similarl to that of their hobo counterparts, we don't know a single homeless person with ombre-dyed hair, an OBEY T-shirt, or an Instagram account.

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