Hipster Pool Parties Coming to the Lexington

Hepcats, cool kids, and chic scenesters will flock to the Lexington Hotel in even greater numbers starting this weekend, but they aren't just heading to Cycle or the Poolside Gallery.

A pair of hipster-oriented pool parties are about to debut at the hotel, helping to add an extra aura of cool to the downtown Phoenix inn. The organizers of some the Valley's more popular nightlife events are behind both parties, which will transform the Lexington's smallish pool deck into a summertime destination spot.

The first affair, Cannonball, starts this Sunday and is being put on by the artists and promoters of the Sticky Fingers and Retro Hi-Fi weekend club nights. Expect to see plenty of thrift store swimwear, colored sunglasses, and ironic tee shirts as the young and hip take a dip while DJs like William Reed, DK Srickler, and Rani G. spin up some tunes and serve as party hosts.

Meanwhile, local concert promoter "Psyko" Steve Chilton will launch his Saturday night pool party series SPLASH! on July 9. (Check out our sister blog Up on the Sun for more info.)

Reed's no stranger to putting on popular pool parties. He was one of the organizers of Adult Swim, the now-defunct swimming shindig that took place at the Hotel San Carlos (and other establishments) and helped kick off the current pool party trend back in 2008.

And while he says that the Lexington's postage stamp-sized pool area isn't as "the biggest space I've worked with," Reed is confident that Cannonball will be "just as fun" as Adult Swim.

"Plus, the location is really cool because it's extremely centrally located," he says. "Being 50 feet from a light rail station is really awesome."

Reed admits that Cannonball's organizers are getting something of a late start to the pool party season. They'd originally hoped to launch the event back on Memorial Day weekend, but had some difficulties with finding a suitable venue.

"We started thinking about pool party thing months in advance, like in February or March, and started shopping around for venues. We visited a lot of spaces and met with a lot of people," he says. "We originally had a location and were going to start on Memorial Day, but at the property got cold feet at the last minute and pulled out. We're gonna make up for lost time with some big parties though."

In addition to the usual assortment of pool toys and playthings, Cannonball will also feature visuals and artwork from Thomy Hoefer (the machinist and artist who has designed and built DJ façades and colored light displays for Sticky Fingers and other nightlife events).

"I'm not exactly certain what Thomy will come up with, as he's got a couple surprises he's waiting to unveil, but it should be good," Reed says.

Cannonball will take place every Sunday afternoon from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. starting July 3 at the Lexington Hotel, 1100 North Central Avenue. Admission is $5.

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