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"Hit the Deck" Show Brings Skateboard Art Back to First Friday in Downtown Phoenix

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There's also a definite emphasis on underground and street art in the show, he adds, including the work of such painters and urban artists as Aztec Smurf, 2DES, Daniel Navarrette, and David Morgan.

Ryan Michaels, for instance, adorned a deck with graf-art-like aliens and UFOs, while Travis Troy's board features a cartoonishly withered old man smoking a cigarette and holding a sign declaring that "The End is Near."

Other artists featured in "Hit the Deck" include Patricia Jensen, Jared Aubel, Peter Eightsix, Aimee Shattuck, FIN, Noelle Martinez, Dwrecker, Damian Amorous, Steve Caballero, Sam Nelson, Kirk O'Hara, and Sonia Andrade.

Bates' contribution has a bit of a more serious tone, however, as it utilizes "dark and surreal" imagery, which is his particular artistic bent. Hence his nickname, Sinfuledge.

"It's nightmarish stuff or 'dark organic,' which is what I call my style. Skulls and eyeballs and monsters and whatnot," he says.

Big eyeballs are also a big part of Dragt's deck, which features a rendition of the iconic scene from A Clockwork Orange where the milk-drinking and ultraviolence-loving Alex DeLarge undergoes the Ludovico treatment.

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