Hitsville USA

Every generation or so, the universe slips off its axis and Detroit catches a break. Right now, Motown’s livin’ large with the success of the Detroit Tigers, Pistons, and Red Wings. (Lions? We said the universe slipped, not ended.) But when the Tigers dropped their first seven games of the season, baseball’s Team Most Likely was essentially written off. After loss six, one hand-wringing fan whimpered, “Can they turn it around, or are they really this bad a team?” Uh, 1) the season is 162 games long and 2) in the offseason, the team added Miguel Cabrera and Edgar Renteria to an already ferocious attack featuring Magglio Ordoñez, Carlos Guillen, and Curtis Granderson. No wonder 0-7 seems shocking. No wonder it means nothing. The Tigers test another pretty good team – our Arizona Diamondbacks.
Fri., May 16, 6:40 p.m.; Sat., May 17, 5:10 p.m.; Sun., May 18, 1:10 p.m., 2008
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Clay McNear
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