Hole New Ballgame

Playing golf can be pretty intimidating. The high start-up costs make it tough for people to get into playing the sport, which means that when you finally try it out, you’re almost certainly terrible at it. Since golf is an individual sport, you can’t hide how much you suck the way you can in a sport like basketball. Adding to this humiliation is the very real possibility that your poor play will be mocked by some dude whose pants are (purposely!) tucked into his socks.

If you’ve been avoiding the links for fear of being embarrassed, then Thursday’s Four Peaks Golf Classic should be right up your alley. The tournament is a four-person scramble -- meaning that your poor play will be averaged out with three other people’s -- and the beer connection title all but guarantees that someone will goof up worse than you do.

Thu., Nov. 15, 11 a.m., 2012
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Ed Kummerer