Honey Harvest, The Great American BBQ and Beer Festival, and McDowell Music Festival Over the Weekend

Honey Harvest at GROWop Celebrates Honey and Art, 3/22/13 Honey Harvest brought a sweet touch to GROWop on Friday, in celebration of the beehive that the boutique recently brought to Roosevelt. The food and art were both based around an animal theme, with goodies made out of honey and the Farm Party collection of artwork by Rebecca Green.

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The Great American BBQ and Beer Festival in Chandler, 3/23/13 Sunshine, the smell of grilling meat, and live music enthralled and entertained guests at The Great American BBQ and Beer Festival at Dr. A. J. Chandler Park on Saturday, March 23. The heat didn't stop fans of savory meat and cold beer from making their way to the annual event.

The Shins, Balkan Beat Box and More: McDowell Mountain Music Festival, 3/22/13 It's been 10 years since McDowell Mountain Music fest got started, and nine since Natalie Portman, as the prototypical "manic pixie dream girl" stated that The Shins would "change your life." In that time, McDowell Mountain Music fest has stayed its course, appealing to local music fans with a mix heavy on crunchy jam bands and a few carefully selected indie acts. The Shins, on the other hand, have enjoyed nearly a decade of divergence from a once-assumed path. Read the full review by Jason P. Woodbury.

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