How Mice

This is what modern absurdity truly looks and sounds like.

The White Mice – three guys that go by Snail Hatin', Hail Cheesus, and Cheddar Dung – dress in human-sized mice outfits and play the most insane brand of free-noise that clashes with grindcore, spars against walls of feedback, and builds to a hell-like sludge filled with rancid corpses and your despair.

In other words, it’s the best thing ever.

As you can imagine, crowds that see this craziness aren’t the sitting-on-the-hands type, so make sure to wear sturdy shoes so your feet don’t get jacked from the dancing and stomping. Also, bring earplugs. Lots of them.

The show, taking place at The Tribe, includes fuck-your-eardrums locals Pigeon Religion, Melted Cassettes, and Hell-Kite’s doom-metal ensemble. Poke around Facebook or ask your local weirdo to find out how to get to The Tribe.

Sun., April 4, 9 p.m., 2010
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