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How to Adopt a Planter on Grand Avenue in Phoenix

Grand Avenue got a makeover of sorts last year on its stretch between Seventh and 15th avenues, and part of its redesign included adding 50-plus planters along the street. Currently, they're blank canvases. But not for long.

Grand Avenue Members Association (GAMA) has issued a call to local artists interested in giving the planters more character. GAMA has formed a subcommittee to select from any artists who express interest in the beautification process of the planters. The organization hopes to have all, or at least most, of the planters' artwork completed in time for Art Detour 2014, which runs March 8 and 9 this year.

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The planters were purchased with money from a Greening America's Capital grant from the Environmental Protection Agency to the city of Phoenix's Street Transportation Department, which provided funds for a study to help create a more sustainable, green environment along Grand Avenue.

In addition to adding the street planters, the city reduced the traffic lanes from five to three, added 24-7 parking, resurfaced the roads, and added bike lanes.

The city of Phoenix will maintain the planters for six months from the date of completion, and after that timeframe the community becomes responsible for the plants and subsequent planter maintenance.

GAMA formed the subcommittee to help facilitate this transition to community maintenance, including the beautification process that's the first order of business.

Some criteria for decoration of the planters states that there can be no advertisements, no words, and artists must use the appropriate process, which involves stripping the sealant and resealing once completed, as well as using neon or reflective paint in the creative process.

The subject matter of the artwork must be appropriate for public display, and the artist will be permitted to sign his or her work in a space limited to four inches high by twelve inches long.

If you're interested in adopting a planter to design or have any questions, call Laurie Carmody at 602-332-2565 or Darcy McGrane at 602-315-9134. For more information, visit GAMA's website or check out its rundown on how to adopt a planter.

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