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How to Get Your Home Featured on This Old House

If you've been wanting to get your home in the spotlight for all of the wrong reasons, you're in luck. 

This Old House, the longtime PBS home remodeling show, is seeking Arizona homes for renovation. Give them your tired, your poor, and your stuccoed houses for consideration, but you'll have to act quick. 

Remodels will begin in spring 2016 and run through November of that year, with the episodes airing for the 2016 through 2017 season on Arizona PBS. 

While the show is not looking for a particular kind of home, as far as style, age or neighborhood, what they are looking for are homes with a story, says Kevin O'Connor, who has hosted the show since 2003. 

"More so than the style of house, [we want] a house with a story," O'Connor says. "It doesn't have to be historically significant. George Washington doesn't have to have lived there, but the story might be a house that has a good background and they really need us to save it, or maybe the story comes from the homeowners. [Maybe] they have dreamed about a kind of a house and this is exactly what they're looking for... We want them to be excited about it, which makes us excited about it, too."

O'Connor was chosen to host This Old House after making an appearance as a homeowner on the spin-off Ask This Old House, so he knows what it's like to be part of the selection process. Good photos of the area and family are required to be considered, but even more important is a clear and concise idea of what the homeowner would like to do with the space. 

"We're in the renovation business. We're not in the marriage business," O'Connor jokes. "By that I mean we don't want to hold hands with a husband and wife as they figure out what they want to do. We want them to know what they want to do and we want to execute on that plan." 

The deadline to submit materials is Thursday, December 31. Applicants should submit a brief description of the project, any architectural plans or schematics that are already drawn up, low resolution photos of the home's exterior and interior, a short bio and photo of the homeowners, a cost estimate and a time frame for construction to [email protected] by the deadline date. 

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Christina Caldwell