Howl Theatre Project Presents Its First Production at Space 55 in Phoenix

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The seven-member troupe is filled out by Jake Jack Hylton, Jamie Haas Hendricks, Steven Matthew Kaas, Heather Lee Harper, Liana O'Boyle, and Beth May.

Those with a more keen eye on the Valley's theatre scene over the years might recognize Danowski's name under the moniker Theater in My Basement, his underground theater outfit which has presented original, avant-garde theater works in various literal living spaces for nearly a decade. However, following the production of "Monsters of the Sea (II)," Danowski and his cohorts felt the need for a change.

"We've been doing this work with Chris, and we all felt that it's really important, and we can't just keep doing it in Chris's living room for a total of 30 people to see it," notes Hendricks. "The stuff is just too good..."

"Deserves 50," quips Kass.

"And a backstage," continues Harper.

So, yes, it's all a little out of the ordinary. But for a group of actors, writers, and directors (all company members juggle multiple production duties) so entrenched in the experimental, the entire group could not be more excited to work together and share that work with the public.

"We found a really good energy among us," says Danowski in explaining the group's formation. "The threads of what we had [in Monsters of the Sea (II)] were the things that would start to carry us forward."

Though they all met and first worked together in various theatrical circumstances, there was a clear shared desire to produce something collaboratively among the troupe members, and in the process develop a new means of producing work.

"Creatively, we all find a line that we can walk on together and in that is finding people who are good at what they do that you can work alongside. . . and find one cohesive outlet," Hylton says of the experience of producing this work.

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