Hung Dynasty

In Salem Village, Massachusetts, Bridget Bishop was living the new American dream as wife, mother, and tavern owner. But on June 10, 1662, she suffered the final ignominy of being the first of nineteen souls (mostly women) hung to death for “suspicion of sundry acts of witchcraft” in the Salem Witch Trials.

Grim as it is, the premiere of Salem: 1692 is a feat worthy of the Grand Guignol. Arizona Curriculum Theatre presents this James Porter-directed production that chronicles the false witnessing against Goody Bishop (Gail Rae) by three disturbed and deluded girls. Judge Sewall (Jason Barth) captures the hysteria of the witch-hunt with dialogue based on the historical courtroom documents, while the accompanying choral music is from the original colonial Bay Psalm Book.

Fridays, Saturdays, 8 p.m. Starts: March 5. Continues through March 27, 2010
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