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I Don't Know How She Does It: Sarah Jessica Parker is Totally Frazzled, You Guys

When they're not doing awesome relationship stuff like watching endless loops of 30 Rock episodes on Netflix and figuring out what a vegan and omnivore should make for
dinner, New Times writers Becky Bartkowski and Jason Woodbury go to the movies.

Last night they watched the new Sarah Jessica Parker dramedy I Don't Know How She Does It.

Becky: Kate, Sarah Jessica Parker's character, has a lot going on in this movie: a demanding job, two kids, lice, a possibly perv-o boss who signs emails with an "XO," and a lame husband (played by Greg Kinnear) who is averse to helping her accomplish the tasks on her many to-do lists. Juggler metaphors follow. Can she have a career and kids, too?! Ugh.

Jason: I suppose Kinnear and Parker are charming enough, but for whatever reason I didn't believe the characters. Not that much fun.

Becky: We did walk out of the movie quoting Tommy Boy. Not that this movie had anything to do with that one, save a character named Richard. [In her best Chris Farley -- which honestly isn't that good] Rrrricharrrrrd.

Jason: I wanted to like everyone in the film, but I just never felt anything. The jokes were awful, and I guess I just don't like James Bond much. Or, Pierce Brosnan as both Bond and the guy in this movie.

Becky: He was Richard, SJP's aforementioned boss. And I didn't like him either. Can we talk about how unfunny Olivia Munn is in this movie? I know her character is supposed to be SJP's robotic, workaholic, and deadpan financier assistant. But she has dead eyes. Blank, nothingness, emotionless eyes. It's almost scary.

Jason: I never understood her loving cult. I had a roommate who watched G4 all the time, and I never once walked into the room thinking, 'Oh man, that lady sure is charismatic.'

Becky: I don't know what the message of this movie was supposed to be. You can have it all? Having it all is terrible? Just don't bother?

Jason: I'm not sure either. I feel like maybe things would have been cleared up if Kathy Geiss had been in the movie more. Or just more bowling. I mean, Pierce Brosnan couldn't have been less convincing as a bowler, but I get excited anytime I see a 30 Rock actor.

Becky: I was happy to see crazy Kathy, too. But, I guess we did learn how SJP does it.

Jason: Yeah, that's what we learned. How to do it like her; which is to freak out, lose your crap, and then realize you love your family.

Becky: I'm pretty sure there are better ways to do it.

I Don't Know How She Does It opens Friday, September 16

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