I of the Storm

Weeks after the Tempe Town Lake dam burst, locals still bitched about the fishy smell.

Boo-hoo. Remember Hurricane Katrina?

See photos of Katrina’s aftermath and read poems based on twelve survivor interviews at “When the Water Came: Evacuees of Hurricane Katrina." The show is based on the book by photographer Rebecca Ross and ASU professor Cynthia Hogue. The pair traveled to New Orleans to talk with evacuees like Freddie Munn, a wheelchair-bound man who swam through sewage and spent a week on a bridge awaiting rescue.

We have created portraits that are moments in time, which express emotions -- the courage [and] resourcefulness, the faith and fury, and the humor -- on which individuals drew to face the worst,” says Hogue.

Puts a few dead fish into perspective, doesn’t it?

Aug. 12-Oct. 12, 2010
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Wynter Holden
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