Ignite Phoenix 15: What We Liked, Learned, and Can't Stop Thinking About

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Best Use of Social Media Twitter is a place to connect with community, both in the broad scheme and small spectrum. From co-workers to city leaders to celebrities, nearly everyone who's anyone is on Twitter. Through retweets and replies we make and maintain connections with followers and friends alike. These kinds of interactions are viewed not only as legitimate conversations, but opportunities. Even Ignite Phoenix encourages audience members to Tweet and Instagram during lectures, while it's commonplace for presenters to update their feeds from backstage. Kelly Haskins is one of those presenters, whose own engagement on social media with a group of NASA nerds found her in a seat at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, on the eve of a real-life launch. Her community-driven story helped kick off a night of otherworldly inspiration. "My online community got my closer to my dreams," she said. And to the stars.

Best How-To Demonstration Aaron Kimberlin can tie a bow tie -- properly, and, dare we say, dapperly -- in 15 seconds. Seriously, we saw it. Dressed in the hipster uniform of double-cuffed dark denim jeans, a vest, and Vans, Kimberlin led us through the motions, showed us slides of the tie's different varieties (with adorable animal-inspired monikers like "bat wing" and "butterfly"), and proved that gone are the days of belonging solely to Groucho Marx or Teddy Roosevelt. Bow ties have now been re-appropriated, adorning bearded twenty-somethings who wear them on bike rides and use them to catch missed swigs of craft beer. Kimberlin refrained from relying on the stereotypical too heavily. Instead, his presentation aimed for a feeling of the grandiose like the tie itself, comparing the types of bow tie wearers to the greater Phoenix community, and giving a shout out to the local suppliers of old -- Hanny's, to be exact -- which elicits a certain feeling of sophistication and style, then and now.

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