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Ignite Phoenix After Hours 3 Delivers Plenty of LOL, TMI, and WTF.

This past Friday, Ignite Phoenix After Hours made its third appearance at Axis/Radius in Scottsdale. As usual, the event featured colorful presenters discussing off-color topics. The 14, 5-minute presentations covered everything from burlesque dancing, porn law, and atheism, to anal sex, pornographic cartoons, and Disney furries' backstage orgies.

And while the goal of Ignite Phoenix as a whole is to spark creativity, thought, and discussion, there's a good chance that Ignite Phoenix After Hours left little blood flow in the direction of the brain.

So to refresh the memories of those who attended, and to recap the X-rated magic for those who missed it, here are some of the hits, misses, and things we wish we could unsee:

And what would IPAH be without a little strip tease? Jazz Corsette shared her 8 Sexy Life Lessons she's learned from burlesque dancing, including "everybody is beautiful" and "everybody has an alter ego."

There to also teach us a lesson or two was Josh Yeager with Bears & Cubs & Otters, Oh My! The burly man clad in nothing up top beside suspenders and piercing, walked us through the grizzly gay subculture better known as the bear community.

Discussions were titillating, thought-provoking and at times, terrifying. While I didn't mind hearing the word "vagina" more times in 5 minutes than I have in 5 years, I probably could have done without the up-close and personal shots of the female nether regions, or knowing that there's a woman out there who can lift a 31-pound glass ball with her genitalia.

And although TheFabulousOne's speech, Sodom & Gomorrah, was in favor of anal sex, once the words "human centipede" were uttered into the microphone, a ringing filled my ears and my mind went blank.

To check out more pictures from the IPAH, check out the event page on Facebook. (Note: don't be fooled by the presenter in the cutesy Mickey Mouse ears. If you ever hear her story, you'll never look at Disney characters the same way again).

And if all this subject matter has you feeling a little more than uncomfortable, it probably means you're better suited for the classic, more PG-13, Ignite Phoenix which is now accepting submissions for its 18th show on October 26, 2012.

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