Imagining Phoenix Event to Address Evolving Arts Community at Grant St. Studios

The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture, a citizen-powered initiative formed in October of 2013, is kicking off its initial series of Imaginings this summer.

These public gatherings, which aim to promote discussion and ideas about where the arts community will be by 2034, are set to take place in 17 cities across the United States. With the help of locally appointed U.S. Department of Arts and Culture cultural agent Kara Roschi, Phoenix is one of the select cities hosting such a historical gathering.

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The Phoenix Imagining is set to happen Saturday, June 28, from 7 to 10 p.m. at Grant Street Studios in downtown Phoenix.

Community members will have the chance to share their hopes for the Phoenix arts and culture scene in 2034 and collectively analyze what it will take to get there. Ultimately, this nation-wide pilot phase of Imaginings will help dictate the direction of future programs and platforms supported by the USDAC.

"This is not your typical performance, art opening, music recital or town meeting," said Roschi in a press release issued on June 8. "We're looking forward to a lively, creative gathering of community members envisioning the year 2034, when art's power to engage, connect, uplift and transform has been woven into all aspects of our hometown."

Although the Phoenix Imaginging is free, seating is limited. Therefore, tickets will be awarded through a lottery. For a chance to attend this event, visit Imaging Phoenix on Eventbrite.

For more information about the Phoenix Imagining, contact Kara Roschi at 480-225-9735 and kara@practical-art.com, or visit usdac.us/imaginings.

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