Improv AZ Announces No Pants Light Rail Ride Phoenix 2014

According to the folks who regularly participate in Phoenix's annual No Pants Light Rail Ride, it's generally a good idea to wear a jacket, hoodie, or pullover of some sort, not to mention some colorful socks and (obviously) a clean pair of drawers. Pants on the other hand, as the event's name implies, are strictly verboten.

Those are a few things to keep in mind if you plan on joining in the trou-dropping shenanigans during the 2014 version of the No Pants Light Rail Ride Phoenix, which its organizers announced will be taking place in mid-January.

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Yesterday, Improv AZ -- the local prankster group that frequently stages attention-grabbing public stunts (read: flash mobs, pillow fights, super hero battles, et al.) around town and organizes the annual No Pants ride -- created a Facebook event page for 2014 edition, which is scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday, January 12.

If you're unfamiliar with the event, it's the Phoenix version of New York City's yearly No Pants Subway Ride where Gothamites similarly board multiple underground trains to earn stares and smiles from other passengers.

Improv AZ organizers adapted it for use on the Valley Metro's light rail system, whereby participants board trains in pantsless fashion at either end of its 20-mile route and converge on one particular station. Everyone then decamps and heads for a nearby bar to tie one on with their trousers off.

Previous versions of the No Pants Phoenix ride has seen participants descend en masse upon the Arizona Center, downtown Tempe, and Roosevelt Row. While Improv AZ's announcement on Monday didn't specify details about where participants will wind up, it recommends checking the Facebook event page over the coming weeks for further details.

Better start getting your legs in shape and picking out cute underwear now.

The No Pants Light Rail Ride Phoenix 2014 takes place at 1 p.m. on Sunday, January 12. More info can be found via the Facebook event page and the Improv AZ site. Follow Jackalope Ranch on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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