In Review: Top Art Happenings of 2010
photos by Claire Lawton, Ryan Wolf, and courtesy of the artists

In Review: Top Art Happenings of 2010

​As we bid farewell to the year and look ahead to 2011, Jackalope Ranch contributors will bring you some greatest hits from 2010. Today we're taking a look back at a few local art happenings that caused a stir in the scene ...

In Review: Top Art Happenings of 2010
photos by Claire Lawton, Ryan Wolf, and courtesy of the artists

1. Chaos Theory 11 at Legend City Studios
It takes some serious organization and planning to put on a show with more than 50 artists in a downtown space. But give them one day to install their pieces before the doors open and the scene is best described as chaotic. The Chaos shows are always a huge happening, and this year's one-night event was no exception.

2. Arizona Creatives Take on Sydney
In May, local artists Angela Ellsworth and Claudio Dicochea and Enrique Chagova packed their bags and flew across the world to show Australia what was going on in Phoenix at the 17th Biennale of Sydney, an enormous and important art extravaganza. They even took with them writing powerhouses Tania Katan and Deborah Sussman to virtually share their experiences. Bless the Internet and this creative place we call home that totally kicked ass, globetrotter-style.

3. Calle of Dreams
If Barrio Cafe's Silvana Salcido Esparza has her way, Sixteenth Street in Phoenix is about to get colorful. The outspoken chef says she's taking donations in the form of wall space, paint and artists' time to create Calle 16, a stronger Mexican community in the aftermath of SB1070. Call it political art or community building -- we'll stick with badass and beautiful.

4. Ted Decker's "Converging Trajectories" at Modified Arts
Forty one artists, a handful of countries, and one brave curator. In August, art collector and advocate, Ted Decker brought their work to Modified Arts for a cumulative show that gave us a taste of life in South America through the eyes of creatives in a variety of media.

5. Rachel Bess' Tiny Show
In October, Rachel Bess's "Tiny Show" sold out at Perhihelion gallery. Sold out. The popular show featured tiny works by Bess -- each just 3 inches tall. The space was equally tiny, which made for an interesting visual as visitors had their faces inches from the wall to look at the near-impossible detail Bess was able to capture on such small surfaces.

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