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Indie Feature Filmed in Tucson "Dick Night" is Now Available On iTunes and Amazon

Tucson born and raised writer/director Andy Viner revisits his hometown with the sex-comedy/horror flick "Dick Night," and answers any question (or nightmare) you might have about what happens in those remote middle-of-nowhere desert neighborhoods.

The film follows the recently heartbroken, Rachel, who was left at the alter by her ex-fiancé only months earlier.

Rachel realizes the quickest and easiest way to get over her romantic woes is to get laid as soon as possible. The problem is she lives in the middle of a desert riddled with meth-head skater kids, degenerates and no suitable male prospects in sight.

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Viner currently lives in Los Angeles but has been back to film in Tucson twice. The first for his USC thesis film and the second for his first feature, "DICK NIGHT." which he calls "a sex farce comedy that takes a hard turn into horror territory."

According to Viner, "Dick Night" was made with a budget of $25,000 and premiered in 2012 at Raindance Film Festival in London.

The film was released October 30 and is now available through Film Buff on iTunes, Cable On Demand, and Amazon, among other media providers.

You can watch the film's trailer below and find out more information about the film by visiting the "Dick Night" website.

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