“Insectographia: Drawing In Enamel”

If there's one subject that artist Charity Hall isn't afraid to broach, it's insects. In fact, it's about all she “brooches.” From scorpions and centipedes to katydids and katydid-nots, (okay, we made that last one up), Hall has built quite an artistic reputation on the back of the bug. While artists have long lived and died by the “beauty is in the eye” adage, Hall's work with enamel proves to be the perfect medium for making the gruesome appear truly winsome. Sure, wearing a wasp might be a personal conduct breach, but you haven't seen her wasp brooch...yet. See Hall's work in “Insectographia: Drawing In Enamel” at Mesa Arts Center, 1 East Main Street, on Sunday, January 18, from noon to 5 p.m. Admission is free. Visit or call 480-644-6500 for details.

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