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Inside Misty Guerriero's Internationally Styled Ralph Haver Home in Phoenix

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As guests enter through the front door of Guerriero's house, they are greeted by an expansive living room full of focal points. Straight ahead, a mirror lines the entire far wall of the living room, which creates the back wall of the kitchen.

Guerriero says it was Navon's idea to use the wall to display a custom mirror. And it pays homage to the couple's previous home, which also prominently featured a mirror.

To the left of the front doorway hangs a large modern pop art piece by Mark Freedman that Guerriero got from the Phoenix Art Museum's 2004 "Fresh Paint" exhibit, featuring pop idols like Andy Warhol and John Lennon in vibrant colors. To the right is a white, round metal fireplace with a tall, skinny chimney that stretches through the roof.

A hand-carved wooden window from a Tibetan temple dating back about 200 years adorns the beam in the center of the room.

"It's not a piece of art, it's a window," Navon says with a smile. "We made it art."

Guerriero's favorite piece sits on the living room floor. It's a Mongolian lamb ottoman covered in real wool. On a nearby table is a Hollywood Regency-style gold rotary phone in the shape of an elephant from the 1960s or '70s.

"It has the most horrible ring," Guerriero says, but it reminds her of the rotary phone her grandmother used to have.

On the way to the kitchen is the "'70s corner," with a working jukebox and a disco ball. They say it's a work in progress but that they use the jukebox to play music regularly.

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