Inspired Style: A Marc Jacobs Knock-Off

Who doesn't love a Marc Jacobs bag? This delicious Love Story Big Heart Satchel causes some serious envy but at $1895 the love is more of a longing. So how about wearing the style without paying the price? After a trip to a couple local craft stores you can whip one up in time for your Valentine's date.

Learn how to make an Inspired Style - Marc Jacobs Knock Off after the jump.

-- Canvas bag from craft store
-- Scraps of Leather
-- Fabric Glue
-- Scissors

1. Buy a basic canvas tote from the craft supply store

2. Buy a bag of leather scraps from a by the pound fabric store such as SAS

3. Cut hearts of all different sizes out of the leather scraps using scissors and the grade-school fold over method. Fold the piece of leather in half and cut out half of the heart shape along the fold to make two equal sides

4. Glue the hearts down to the canvas tote in a random over all pattern, with fabric glue

5. Allow the glue to fully dry
Wear like you have a sassy Love Story Big Heart Satchel.

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Cyndi Coon
Contact: Cyndi Coon