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Introducing the Tinder Drinking Game

Look, we're not going to sugarcoat it for you. Dating sucks. Whether it's online or in person, there's no getting around the fact that romantic entanglements can be complicated. (That's why we call it Courting Disaster.)

A new Tinder drinking game is out to change the way we look at online dating or, at the very least, give us blurred vision.

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Using potential snow days as an excuse, Seventeen magazine's social editor, Kristin Harris, recently posted a Tinder drinking game to Twitter. The game, which was created rather informally by Harris and her friends as doodles on paper, is actually a pretty accurate summary of the various male characters that women encounter on the hookup app.

Some of our favorite reasons for taking a shot include "completely naked," "you have no idea what they look like after all photos," and "photo w/ kids," which is worth a generous two shots -- and rightly so.

You can play it at home or play it with your friends, but most likely you'll play it at a bar because, let's face it, that's where most of us use Tinder anyway.

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