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iPic Theaters Saved Us from 'I Am Number Four'

Besides going thrift store shopping and drinking excessive amounts of iced coffee, New Times blogger Megan Dobransky and her ninja city employee friend, Martha Falbo, go to the movies. (Actually, this is the first time they've ever gone to a movie together.)

Megan: So, should we talk about the movie I Am Number Four first or the movie theater iPic Theaters?

Martha: Probably the movie. We'll have less to say about it.

Megan: It wasn't that bad.

Martha: I feel like I may have liked it a lot more if I were 15. I loved the dog! I want a dog like that dog ... without the shape-shifting part.

Megan: The dog was definitely the best part, and so was Timothy Olyphant. The first half was so boring, and I kind of had no idea what was going on.

Martha: I loved that the girl in the beginning ran away from the main character when he was hurt -- like "Fuck you, I'm out."

Megan: There were a lot of characters leaving other characters to die in that movie. Poor, dog toward the end!

Martha: The bad guys were certainly creepy. I, in no way believe, that the unattractive, douche guy was actually a popular homecoming king.

Megan: I heard there's going to be a sequel...

Martha: I absolutely do not want to see the sequel. Please don't make me.

Megan: Fine. Enough about the movie. What about the theater?!

Martha: The reclining chairs!

Megan: Booze and food!

Martha: I liked the idea of the pillow and blanket, but for a minute I was creeped out because I don't know how often they get washed. Then I got cold and used the blanket anyway - cooties and all.

Megan: There was almost too much stuff. I ended up throwing the pillow on the floor, I think.

Martha: Loved the waitress. I don't know why she was a "ninja" waitress, but from now on, I may just call myself a ninja city employee. We probably should have asked, but I was kinda too confused by it at the time.

Megan: It was all kind of overwhelming, especially if you've never been there before. It's so unlike the normal movie experience; you just kind of have to roll with it.

Martha: Well, ninja or not, she was helpful and friendly, and she managed to find you a clipboard and a flashlight pen. A pen that I think you ended up stealing...

Megan: She told me I could have it!

Martha: I liked the fruit thing we had and most of the other stuff on the menu sounded good. But I think people who order calamari at the movies are weird. My drink was really delicious, but not very strong and probably not worth $11.

Megan: Yeah, that's kind of it's only drawback - the price. You could easily drop $50 per person there. I really liked that there was a restaurant and bar attached to the theater so you could hang out before if you wanted to, or just order whatever you want during the movie like we did.

Martha: I think I would go again. But only for a movie I really want to see and probably only once in a while. I would totally take my boyfriend there. At least next time I'll know how to find the entrance to the theater without needing the janitor to escort me through a secret hallway that ends up in the bathroom.

Megan: Anyway, I think I'd go back, too. There's something really nice about getting treated like a crazy rich person.

Martha: Totally.

Megan: The whole experience left me with only one question: How did someone as badass as Timothy Olyphant end up in a movie like "I Am Number Four"? At least he dies two-thirds into the movie. Oh, spoiler alert! He dies.

iPic Theaters is at 15257 N Scottsdale Road, Suite F-230 in Scottsdale. For more information and showtimes, visit the iPic website.

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