Irrational Fears: Confess Your Dark, Weird Phobias

How can we count the ways we love Irrational Fears? It's full of deep, dark secrets, personal confrontation, terror, intrigue, and a picture of a bunch of naked people.

Irrational Fears let users divulge their quirky fears, strange worries, and personal strife to owner and Irishwoman Sarah Malone who posts it, or should we say posted it.

Malone quit her duties a couple years ago; the email address doesn't even work anymore, which kind of made us unhappy. But then we kept reading the blog, and it made us feel better. Besides, the blog's 139 posts will definitely keep you busy for a while.

A lot of entries are written about fears of driving over bridges, ventriloquists with dummies, and aliens, but the blog also highlights lots of people are freaked out by all sorts of other things ... weird things.

Here are some excerpts:

Ryan Lazenbi: "Hi I'm Ryan, and I'm afraid of bathtub sharks."

Emily G: "I'm afraid of rainbows. The larger and more vibrant they are, themore horrible in my opinion. Sometimes I scream when a rainbow catches me off-guard, and once I know a rainbow is present, it is not enough simply to close my eyes."

Hannah: "I have a complete and irrational fear of mugs. I cannot drink out of them. Firstly, they are too dark; you can't actually see out of them when you drink, which leaves you completely open to all kinds of attack."

Stephanie Fitzner: "My totally ridiculous irrational fear is that when I use the toilet a hand is going to reach up and grab and suck me into the sewers."

Check out the fears for yourself at Irrational Fears.

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