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Is Eyelid Art the Next Big Beauty Trend?

With nail polish sales on the decline (according to a report by WWD), The Cut, Laughing Squid, Huffington Post, and Daily Mail are making bold predictions on the next big beauty craze.

It's part face painting, part Effie Trinket eyewear, and you can bet your sweet makeup budget that it takes a hell of a lot longer than applying nail press-ons.

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Israeli makeup artist Tal Peleg is raising eyebrows all over the Internet with her eye-popping portrayals of fairy tales, movies, historical figures, and holidays, applied dexterously on women's eyelids.

Despite her impressive portfolio of bridal work and special effects, it's the intricate lid murals that are putting this Yarin Shahaf Professional Make Up graduate in the cosmetic spotlight.

So if this is the new trend of 2014, you better start practicing now because we have a sneaking suspicion that becoming this shadow savvy will take some serious time.

Here's some inspiration to get your going.

For when you want to coordinate your makeup with your meal.

For your upcoming holiday party.

For when you want people to read you like a book.

For the Dr. Seuss fan in all of us.

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