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Is Tempe the Next Trendy Baby Name?

With names like Arrow, North, Blue, and Apple floating around in the modern-day baby ether, expectant parents this year are really going to have to dig deep to bring something new to the table. (There's one: Table.) Which is why Nameberry is offering up its 14 newest choices for baby names in 2014.

Though pretty much anyone from Arizona already has heard of one of the names featured on this list, we doubt very many have considered using it as a kid's name.

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In compiling its list, Nameberry, an online site that provides "baby names, only smarter," delivered a mix of recycled, repurposed, and, in some respects, ridiculous names, surnames, cities, and nouns.

Alongside such baby name suggestions as Detroit, Kipling, Legacy, and Kaius, which Rachel Zoe recently picked for her newborn son, Nameberry also named Tempe as a fresh naming option. "The Vale of Tempe is an important place in Greek mythology as well as a real place in Greece," Nameberry's description reads. "The ancient poets wrote of it as the halcyon dwelling of Apollo and the Muses. The modern cities in Arizona and Australia are named for the Greek Tempe, which is pronounced tem-pee and makes an appealing first name."

You hear that, Shea, Tatum, and Gilbert? Better make way for your future classmate, Tempe.

To read the full lists of "names," half of which are essentially just random words and geographical locations, visit the Nameberry blog.

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