Italian Recipes

Listen to Italian creative-music ensembles Tribraco and Neo and it’s not hard to imagine that these dudes are all over ESP-Disk’s records by Marion Brown, The Fugs, and Noah Howard. Or maybe those infamous BYG Actuel recordings by Burton Greene, Jimmy Lyons, and Clifford Thornton migrated en masse south from France. Whatever the reason, we don't really care about their compositional influences that have been updated to include punk-heavy sounds. All that matters is that the two bands are touring stateside and will post up at Trunk Space. Tribraco listens like an electric-guitar-driven, less-thrash-jazz version of The Flying Luttenbachers while Neo plays music that could easily fit on a quirky comp with John Zorn’s Masada, electric Miles Davis, Eugene Chadbourne, and Zs.
Mon., Sept. 20, 8 p.m., 2010
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Steve Jansen
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