It's a Rap

What hip-hop artist would Jesus Christ be bumping the most in his What Would Jesus Drive mobile? Deep cat Josef Sorett may be able to hook you up with that knowledge during his lecture “Believe Me, This Pimp Game is Very Religious: A Religious History of Hip-Hop, From KRS-ONE to Kanye West.” The assistant professor in religion and African-American studies at NYC’s Columbia University will dissect the music’s connections with faith, because, as he’s said in so many words, rap and hip hop isn’t just about jiggable pie, bitches and hos, and gold diggers.

The chit-chat takes place at the Nursing and Health Innovation Building Two, located on the ASU Downtown Campus at 550 North Third Street.

Thu., Feb. 24, 6:30 p.m., 2011
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Steve Jansen
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