It's Game Five Time

At this point, we might all be hoping for a little underdog breakthrough. Tonight marks game five and if the magic Dragic can pull a few fast ones (and the defense can keep the ball out of Kobe's sweaty palms) the Suns might be one step closer to the finals.

It looked like a done deal after game two. Countless failed three-point attempts and a lagging defense could have easily resulted in a one way ticket home and a longing hope for next season.

But games three and four changed the pace, and while the Lakers still managed to shoot 60 three pointers in the last two games, the Suns have held on and could do a little record breaking if they keep the opposing offense at bay.

So where can you watch the game with the rest of the underdog gang? Check out our pick after the jump ...

The Duce, which opened this month, is hosting underdog night.

The game can be viewed on flatscreens on the patio, the big screen in front of the bleachers (check out the slideshow) or on the old-school TV behind the bar. There will be live music at half time, drink specials and of course, the guaranteed entertainment of crazed Richardson and Nash fans.

Doors open at 4pm and the game starts at 6pm.

Do you know of any other hot spots to catch the games? Let us know in the comment section ...

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