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Jackalope Ranch: A Blog Is Born

If you've lived here for more than 15 minutes, you've probably heard the joke.

What's the difference between yogurt and Phoenix?

Yogurt has culture.

Fuck that.

That was then.

And yes, there was a lot of then. We could — and have — written about this city's identity crisis (and worse) a lot. But lately we've noticed that Phoenix is coming into her own . And we don't know about you, but we'd rather talk about (and write about) that instead.

So we will.

Phoenix New Times already blogs all about news, music, and food in this town. It's time for some culture. Whether it's funky Grand Avenue or swank Scottsdale, intellectual pursuits or after-dark diversions, bargains on vintage or the place to see cutting-edge contemporary art, or creative pursuits in the suburbs or great architecture downtown, we'll have it for you here.

With a healthy dose of gossip and a dash of snark. This is us, after all.

Wondering about the name? Check out the artwork at the top of this post. It's by Valley native Allie Manch, created for last year's Best of Phoenix Wonderland Art Show. It's called "White Jackalope," a nod to the white rabbit, natch, embroidery on vintage fabric.

Think about downtown. How about that wall on the west side of eye lounge gallery, where painted murals go up and down on a regular basis, as bands come through town?

Or the smart repurposing of vintage buildings — we see it all the time now, particularly in cool central Phoenix restaurants like The Vig and The Parlor.

The jackalope is a myth — but Phoenix is becoming a reality, thanks to the creative types collaborating here, taking the city apart and putting it back together again to make something bigger and better, or at least more interesting.

We'll do our best to keep up with you, Phoenix.
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