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Jackalope Ranch's Gift Guide for the Bike Geek

Still holiday shopping? So are we -- and we've been taking notes. Introducing our series of gift guides for your "easy to figure out, but hard to shop for" friends. Today, Jackalope Ranch's Gift Guide for the Bike Geek.

Let's be totally honest: the one thing every cyclist wants for the holidays is a new bike.

It doesn't matter if they just got a brand spankin' new all-carbon rig just a couple of months earlier -- there's always room for another ride in the garage or storage room or spare bedroom or bedroom or ... let's just say there's always room.

Unfortunately for us cyclists, a new bike may not be a plausible option for the gift givers in our lives. Luckily, there is always lots of bike stuff to go around, no matter the type of cyclist you may be or may be shopping for.

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5. For the Aero Obsessed Triathlete
Ask any triathlete and their number one obsession is their aero position. Nothing shaves seconds from that Ironman time more than a good wind-cutting tuck and, you know, strength and speed. While real boosts in strength and speed take endless hours of excruciating training, the aero position can be perfected in one short afternoon session at Faster. Their North Scottsdale store and test lab is home to the nation's first cycling-specific wind tunnel complete with full information analysis. Faster claims their data shows up to a 10 minute improvement for an Ironman after a session in their tunnel. The service ain't cheap, starting at $499 per hour, but it's a far cry better than dropping a couple grand on some new wheels that will only get you a minute or two.

4. For the spandex averse
Skin tight shorts and jerseys are synonymous with cycling. Some folks dig it, others...not so much. For those who want comfortable riding gear without the concern of showing their form on AND off of the bike, Club Ride bike apparel is for you. The clothes are made from similar athletic blended materials, but cut in very casual shirt and short styles using patterns that look more appropriate for happy hour than a local crit race. Club Ride apparel can be found at local bike shops including Landis Cyclery, Sunday Cycles, Global Bikes and Slippery Pig.

3. For the cyclist who has everything
Giving the Garmin Edge 500 bike computer as a gift was so 2011, but that doesn't change the fact that it still is the computer deck of choice for serious roadies, dirt huckers and cyclocrossers. The only problem with the Garmin is that it comes with a pretty weak mount. Bike bit producer K-Edge has created a Garmin specific computer mount that allows the deck to sit just in front of the handlebar allowing for a more natural eye line to view all of that ride data while securing the computer more tightly. And the super lightweight aluminum mounts come in a choice of three colors. SRP for the K-Edge mount is $49.99 and can be found at most high-end local bike shops. But jump fast as demand for these is very high right now.

2. For the pedaling archivist
Who doesn't want to have a POV recording of their ride hurtling along the Black Canyon Trail or careening through the mean streets of Paradise Valley? Now thanks to action mounted HD camera leaders GoPro, you can capture that ride at ultra-high resolution 4K quality with the brand new HERO3: Black Edition. Or, even better, you can make sure you have a clearer image grab of that a-hole who just sideswiped you and his license plate. Either way, it's kind of hard to think that a 4K HD action camera can be had with standard mounting options and a remote control for just a dollar under $400. Bicycle Haus or REI carry these white hot babies.

1. For the casual hipster
There is nothing like going lo-tech. And there is nothing more lo-tech than trying to make your bike sound like a horse using a wheel mounted coconut clapping geared mechanism made from a single sheet of pre-carved wood. Trotify is the British group behind this gizmo, and they are currently working to compile their first 1,000 orders to ship in March, 2013, but you can order one now and dangle that gift-yet-to-come for another couple months. Besides, it will give you some time to procure the coconuts (not included). The assemble-yourself item is online order only for about $32 plus shipping.

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