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Jackalope Ranch's Gift Guide for the End of the World Prepper

Still holiday shopping? So are we -- and we've been taking notes. Introducing our series of gift guides for your "easy to figure out, but hard to shop for" friends. Today, Jackalope Ranch's Gift Guide for the End of the World Prepper.

While we're not convinced that the world is going to come to a Mayan flavored ending in December, it still might not be a bad idea to stock up for other civilizations crumbling eventualities.

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Conveniently, the makers of the Crovel, who we've spotlighted before, have recently opened a retail location for all your survival needs. While you can still order from online catalog their store acts as a showroom to let you have eyes and hands on with some of their products. Think of it as an upscale surplus store.

Stocking Stuffer For The Hunger Games Survivalist

If civilizations collapses and we're all forced to fend for ourselves against an oppressive government that televises deathmatches, it might be handy to have a pair of these dog tags hanging around your neck. The E-Tag necklace features two laser cut arrowheads set into a stainless steel dog tag. The arrowheads can be punched out for a quick upgrade to a pointy stick and the dog tag themselves carry a serrated edge perfect for small survival woodworking jobs. Also, at $16.95 a pop they're a sight more affordable than dropping a couple hundred on a survival shovel.

Gift For Your Buddy Who Won't Shut Up About The Zombie Apocalypse

Within zombie survival circles it's generally accepted that the shovel turned axe is generally the go to weapon in the event that the dead walk among us. Sadly, the crovel itself is on back order and won't be shipped until after the holidays are over. However we're pretty sure your buddy already has the damn thing on back order so why get them some accessories? The Crovel Attack Pack comes with three new features for your favorite aggressive shovel. The XTAC crovel head changes out the standard crovel head for one a serrated saw edge and a handy bottle opener for diving into a cool one after a hard day of slaying the walking dead. The two offered spikes are pretty self-explanatory but the Super Spike is especially handy for the clumsy Zed hunter since the pointy end can be flipped around and screwed into the crovel shaft when not in use.

Gift For The Gunner

You know how it's a pain in the ass when older model cellphones have their own special charger plug that nobody else ever has? That very same problem can pop up in a post-doomsday scenario in which you had the foresight to pack a gun but not enough foresight to stock and unlimited stash of ammo. In that case the problem of "square peg in round hole" might take on a more dramatic and unfortunately twist. Which is why the X-Caliber system strikes us as an imminently wise idea. This system has 10 different caliber barrels which can be dropped into a single-shot 12 gauge shotgun to convert it to fire different calibers of rifled ammunition. The kit provides barrels for .22LR, 38 special, .357, 9mm, 45 acp, 45LC, .410 shotgun, 12 ga. shotgun,.223, 7.62x39, 308.

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